April 15, 2020 By Steve Gonzales Off


We love sailing and spending time on the Ocean. Sometimes it seems like there is something magical about it, even though it is dangerous and the Ocean is ruthless but we still love what we do, and we encourage everyone to sail off one day and witness the magic behind it. Here are some facts about sailing and why is good for you.


Sailing is improving your cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of obesity and hypertension. It is also improving your flexibility and agility. Activities like pulling lines and moving around and keeping you stable on a moving boat, can prove your hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and muscle activity.


Hearing sounds of sea is calming and relaxing, smelling the salty air is balancing our body s serotonin levels, which makes us feel happier, the splashing of the water and the sounds of the wind in the sails can affect brainwave patterns. Some tasks on the boat will enhance your focus, concentration, and awareness, and if you are with a company and crew members, you can also improve your communication skills.


Although everyone can learn to sail, you have to be able to read weather patterns to determine what side of the racecourse you will be sailing on, and put your boat together and keep it in a good condition. Every moment on the water is different, so you should be able to deal with any situation that comes up, which acquires some concentration and focus, but also good communication skills with your crew members. It is a really great feeling of becoming the master of your own boat, which also contains life symbolism- it is a great achievement that is giving you some self-confidence.


Sailing is giving you an opportunity to see and explore some new places, islands, bays, harbors, and beaches you have never seen before. Pick your favorite destination, and make sure you snatch some great photos!


You can take a group sailing, and see some new places, improve your sailing skills and meet some wonderful sailors, no matter where you go. Sailing with a crew is a great opportunity to chat with people and develop good communication skills and develop trust with each other.